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Happy Holidays from our Bohome to Yours <3

Dear readers,

First of all, can we raise a glass to celebrate the end of 2020? We made it! *clink*

I'm pretty sure most of us spent more time at home this year than we may ever have before. And if you ask me, that was one of the unexpected blessings that this year gave us. A lot of us, myself included, took to beautifying our homes and creating intentional spaces for work, school and play. Staying inside forced us to look around, notice our environment, and figure out how to make our spaces better fit our changing needs. It gave us the push to fix things up, slap some new paint on the walls, and do things with our homes that we may have never done before. If my Instagram feed is any indicator of how us decor-minded folks spent our quarantine, then I know that many of us are emerging from 2020 with cozier, more beautiful and certainly more lived-in homes.

As for me, I feel very fortunate to have moved into a new home