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Hi! I'm Sam.

I'm so glad you're here. 

I am the owner and lead designer of Casa Del Sol Designs, an interior styling and design studio in Saint Paul, MN. I help bring affordable style to your home through e-design, consultations, and full-service interior designs and installs. 

I've been inspired by interiors and home decor since I was a little girl, thanks to my mom who was constantly designing fun and unique rooms in my childhood home. Her ability to design a home that reflected her family on a modest budget instilled in me the belief that interior design should be affordable and accessible for all.


That's why I started Casa Del Sol Designs — to provide budget-friendly interior design and styling services that are accessible to all.


Over 5+ years, through designing my own home and the homes of many friends and clients, I have developed a great eye for color, scale, style and balance, which makes my designs stand out for their ability to instill feelings of both energy and ease.

I believe your home should reflect your best self, and I strive to create spaces that are at once beautiful, functional, energizing and comforting — all within your budget.


Are you ready to beautify your home?

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