Our Home

We came to own this house in an unexpected way. You see, I've been friends with the wife of the couple who sold the house to us for quite a while now. We used to work together, actually! 

In the spring of 2020, my fiancé and I were hard at work fixing up our duplex, with no intention of buying another home for at least a couple years. But then... I saw a Facebook post from my friend about selling their house, and I just knew we had to go for it. My friend and her husband put a lot of love into the house in the years that they lived here, adding solar panels, air conditioning, modern finishes, lots of garden beds and even a brand new 2 car garage with an attached 1 bedroom apartment! 

I'd always admired their hard work on the house and thought I'd love to have a house like theirs. Well, 2 months after seeing that Facebook post, our offer was accepted and the house was ours! We feel so blessed and lucky that we were able to buy this house and make our dream of being landlords and homeowners come true.

Take a tour of the "before" photos to see what the house looked like, and how it was arranged, before we moved in. And be sure to come back and see how we put our own spin on it!


Photos taken by Spacecrafting, Inc.

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