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4 Ways to Create a Boho Chic Home

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Earlier this year when we bought our new home, I had my first opportunity to figure out what style I was going to use in my home. For most of us, this is a daunting first step. It can be really hard to pin down your style and know where to start. After spending some time on Pinterest (which is a great place to start if you find yourself in a similar situation), I soon noticed similarities in my pinned inspiration photos. It didn't take long for me to land on the modern bohemian style, which feels true to who I am and how I want my home to feel.

So what is boho style? At its heart, boho style is a mix of all the things you love. Think colors, patterns, comfort and free-spiritedness. Boho style can be eclectic, colorful, lively and have global elements and influence. It's hard to give an exact definition for boho style, because it can look and feel different for everyone. However, there some common elements you will want to incorporate if you want to create your own boho chic home.

1. Lots of Color

Now, this one might be contested by the minimalist boho-lovers who prefer a clean, neutral look in their homes (which is great, too!). However, in my opinion, when it comes to boho style, color is key! How much color you use and where you use it is up to you, but consider selecting a colorful area rug to anchor your space, and using 2-3 colors from your rug as accent colors throughout your home. Those accent colors can appear in your curtains, throw pillows, or perhaps color block features on your wall. With a rug that makes a statement and complementary accent colors pulled throughout the space, you can go neutral with your furniture which will make it easier for you to change things up if you decide to go with a different decorating style later on.

2. Texture for Days

To me, a boho chic room isn't complete without textural elements. Incorporating different textures throughout your space will add interest and depth and give your room a cozy, laid-back feeling. When selecting decorative elements for your room, choose natural materials like cane, wicker, rattan or woven textiles. Layer the look by adding a woven basket to store extra pillows and blankets, and add a woven pouf or two for extra seating or as foot rests. When choosing throw pillows and blankets, look for super soft materials, and for boho bonus points, choose ones with tassels or fringe

3. Bring in the Greenery

There's just something about plants. From their air-purifying properties to their beautiful foliage, there's no doubt that plants are right at home (literally) in the boho style. Don't stress if keeping plants alive isn't your strong suit; even faux greenery can bring liveliness and extra color to your room. I like to incorporate at least 2-3 plants in each room, taking care to place them where they'll get enough light and warmth. If you have an empty corner, hanging a plant or two there can be a lovely way to breathe life into the space. Bonus points: put your plants in woven baskets or colorful pots to add extra pizzazz to your space.

Houseplants come in a million varieties, and some can be very fussy while others will thank you for your negligence. If you're new to plants and want to add some to your home, just be sure to research the care instructions of your faves so you know what you're getting yourself into.

4. Mix & Match Elements

One of the best things about boho style is it isn't just one thing! Many of my favorite boho rooms mix different interior design styles seamlessly, so don't feel like you can't mix and match. You totally can! Here are a few of my favorite "boho mix and match"-style rooms.

Mid Century Modern Boho

Notice the layered rug, another way to create texture and depth in your room.

Eclectic Boho

I love the mix of shapes in this room. When creating a boho room, avoid having all your furniture and wall decor in the same shape. Mix square or rectangular items with round or circular items to create more depth and interest.

Mid-Century/Vintage/Glam Boho

The best part of this room is you can tell it's filled to the brim with things the homeowner loves. At the end of the day, worry less about whether the items in your room fit a certain style, and worry more about whether you love them enough to look at them every day!

I hope you're feeling inspired and excited to create your very own boho oasis in your home!

Let me know what boho style means to you in the comments!



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