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Designing a Colorful Modern Boho Living Room

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

One of the great things about our new house is the finished basement. Why? Because we decided to use the basement as our TV watching space/guest room, which means the main floor living room is a completely blank slate! I think this is the first room in my adult life that I'll be able to completely design from floor to ceiling, and that gets my creative juices flowing like crazy! (~~happy dance~~)

So, here's what we're working with:

Right now, the furniture we have in this room are these 2 swoop arm accent chairs we picked up from a garage sale when moving in to our last house, a small 2 door accent cabinet, and this kitchen island with stools that we're currently repurposing as a bar.

My biggest inspiration for this room are the curtains, which are white with a beautiful mustard yellow embroidery pattern on them.

They give me a colorful, global inspired boho type of feel, which is what I want this room to have. I also recently bought this art piece from a friend, which I think goes perfectly with the vibe and colors that I want for the room. (This is hung on the wall next to the stairs, behind the bar.)

Isn't it cool?! I just love the warm oranges, yellows and teal, with hints of purple and pink.

With all that in mind, I created my mood board for the living room:

And here's another version that pulls in more purple elements:

I just love the colorful vibe going on in both of these! I plan to use an upholstery spray paint on the swoop arm chairs to change their color to teal (more on that project in another post!). Everything else will be new to us. To balance out the colorful chairs, art and rug, I'm going to bring in a rattan mirror, end table and coffee table. And I'm going to move my majesty palm to this room and add more plants, too! Eventually, the kitchen island turned bar that we've got in the living room will find a new home, and that will clear up some space for a small reading nook or something.

I've had so much fun building my vision for the room and putting these mood boards together. I'd love to hear which version of the mood board you like best! Any other feedback is welcome too.


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