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Painting a Mural in The Jewel Box

I did it! I painted a mural!

I've never painted a mural before, but inspiration hit me one day when I was looking at this blank wall in the new room I've been designing - and I decided to go for it!

The room I've been designing, which I haven't shared a ton about on the blog yet, I'm cheekily calling the Jewel Box due to the teal, purple, and mustard color scheme. This room is where Nick's music studio was before we moved him over to the Garage Mahal (we've got a 1 bedroom apartment above our detached garage where he works now, you can read more about that here). I've been transitioning this space from a creative music studio to more of a laid back lounge, where we can come to hang out, listen to music, cuddle, etc. It's got a cozy and somewhat psychedelic vibe, and I decided to amp up the color scheme and bring that psychedelic vibe up a notch with a custom mural.

Planning the Mural - Design & Paint Colors

The entire room is painted in Benjamin Moore Teal Ocean, and I've added a teal sofa, 2 mustard side chairs, purple curtains and a rug that (of course) pulls all these colors together. So when I decided to add a mural to this room, I wanted to stay true to that color scheme.

This was my inspiration photo - love the soft waves, repeating pattern and psychedelic vibe.

At Home Depot, I had them mix up three colors for me - Behr Saffron Strands (yellow), Behr Hibiscus Flower (pink), and Dutch Boy Aster Purple.

Once I had the paints in hand, I just started freehand painting, starting with the center and moving outward from there. I tried to stick with a purple>blue>yellow>pink pattern, but as you can see below, I got a little mixed up (but who's looking at that anyway?!).

I worked on it for about 2 weeks total, and the finishing touches alone (including the ceiling and trim) took me about 4 hours. It was definitely a labor of love, and I enjoyed jamming out every day, painting and creating this new space.

Before & After

Ta-da!! Here the is, in all her saturated glory!

I'm super happy with how it turned out! The Jewel Box is nearly complete, though I do have a headboard project I'll be working on for this space soon. Stay tuned for that and for the reveal of the space!

Comment below and let me know what you think? Would you ever paint a funky mural in your home?

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