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Some Life Updates & A Super Sweet Nursery Reveal

It feels like it's been ages since I wrote a blog post! *checks calendar* Well, it has been about three months -- nearly an entire season! -- since I've shared any design projects on here.

But I've had a good reason for not posting...I got married!!

The wedding day was absolutely beautiful and perfect. It was everything we wanted it to be. And it was a TON of work to get there! Which is why Nick and I collectively decided to pause on any house projects and design work in the months leading up to the wedding, so that the wedding could be the sole focus.

But now that the wedding is behind us, I am ready for the non-wedding creative juices to start flowing again and to pick back up on the projects I had set down. I've been eyeing our primary bathroom (may even start painting this weekend!) and starting to dream up a design for our basement/guest suite space (maybe something Moroccan inspired?)... it's invigorating to be thinking of house projects again!

Before I start sharing new projects, I owe you a reveal of the baby nursery I completed a couple months back. This was the sweetest of projects commissioned by my dear friends. This couple had been on a long journey to parenthood; and after years of ups and downs, they were finally able to welcome a new baby into their lives and start their family. They hired me to create a beautiful, nature-inspired space for their new baby girl to grow up in, and I was so honored to do this for them.

So let me walk you through the design, the process and of course, the reveal!

Before Pics

A room reveal is no good without some before photos. Here's what the room looked like pre-baby: