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Boho Home Office Reveal

I am so excited to share with you my home office reveal today! Creating this room has been such a joy and labor of love. I'm glad I stuck to my gut on the overall design concept, which I'm calling boho jungle oasis! Stick around to find out why...

I wrote all about my goals for the space here, but let me remind you what I was trying to achieve with this makeover.

  1. Create a larger workspace. I needed a big desk to be able to spread out and work on many different things.

  2. Add another space for a guest to sleep. I wanted to find something low profile that could covert into a bed when needed.

  3. Increase storage and organization. This room was covered in piles of stuff before, and I needed to do something about that.

The Before

Before we get into all the juicy reveal photos, let's take a quick walk down memory lane. Here's what the space looked like before.

The Reveal

Are you ready for the reveal?! Let's go!

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The Desk

The desk was one the first major projects we did in this room. Using butcher block countertop and Alex drawer unit from IKEA, we created an 8' long built-in desk. You can read all about that project here.

Solving Storage & Organization Issues

We removed the two mismatched dressers, which made room for this beautiful rattan bookshelf. All the clutter that was here before has been sorted through and organized in the closet, which means this beauty gets to showcase all the pretty things I like.

Peel & Stick Wallpaper

By now I'm sure you've noticed this gorgeous wallpaper, definitely one of the stars of the room! I had never installed peel and stick wallpaper before, but it was a breeze. I love how the wall color and the wallpaper complement each other so beautifully.

Convertible Chair

Remember my goal of adding a place for a guest to sleep? This convertible chair does just the trick! It can fold open into a chaise lounge or all the way down into a bed. I love that it's so compact and versatile.

Finishing Touches

There is so much to love in this room, but one of my favorite things is this beaded curtain from Urban Outfitters. Early in the project, we removed the closet door because it opened into the space and cramped the flow of the room. This curtain serves as a makeshift door while perfectly fitting into the jungle vibe.

I did not have a rug in my original design plans, and in fact I still did not have a rug in this room until a couple weeks ago. I'm glad I went for a very neutral, textured rug. I also love the softness underfoot. It makes standing and working much more comfortable.

After looking through all these pictures, can you count how many light sources there are in this room?? I find it funny that in a room this small, there are light sources in just about every corner. I added that hanging basket pendant light to brighten up the corner by my desk. It was a super easy DIY that I did so quickly I forgot to document it. Maybe one day I'll do a write up on how to make one for yourself.

Thanks for touring my Boho Jungle Oasis!

And there you have it! I absolutely love how this room came together and I really enjoy working and hanging out in here. Thanks for coming along for the ride, and stay tuned for the next project!

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Wall Color: Forest Green by Benjamin Moore


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