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Designing a Moody Moroccan-Inspired Basement

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

Well, hey there! It's been a minute...well, it's been about 4 months, but who's counting?

I hope you're well.

The truth is, for me, life's been hard. Between the post-wedding blues, grief that always comes up this time of year (now doubly so since my brother passed last year), and seasonal changes, it's been really hard to get inspired and motivated to do design.

It's not that I haven't wanted to. I've been hoping and wishing for some inspiration to hit me, for some ah-ha moment to permeate my consciousness and thrust me into action, but for the longest time, I'd look around my house and come up blank. Life was feeling very uninspiring. Until....

It finally happened! Inspiration struck!

(Shout out to my therapist for helping me through the tough times and to myself for putting in the work to get me to this point! Therapy really helps!)

I have to say, it feels REALLY good to be back on the blog today with a fresh project plan to share. And I am super freaking pumped about what I've got pla