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DIY Painted Rattan Chairs & Living Room Update

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Hello friends!

It feels like August just flew by! It was a busy month around here with lots of progress made on many projects. The biggest project I've been working on is fixing up this set of dining chairs I scored on Facebook Marketplace. Excuse the blurry photo; I have a bad habit of diving into projects without taking proper before photos, so I snagged a photo from the FB listing.

Can you believe I got 6 of these chairs for just $40?! They were cleared out of a now-closed restaurant, and I think they fit perfectly with the modern bohemian vibe I am creating in my home.

While they were structurally in good shape, they did need a bit of a cosmetic face lift. There were lots of little cracks in the bamboo that I knew would look much better filled in, and I wanted to give 'em a little color too. Enter wood putty and spray paint!