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Dressing Room Makeover - Plans & Mood Board

Hello friends!

I am happy to report that I am writing this post today from a place of tranquility and contentedness. If you've been following my latest posts, then you know I've been in the throes of grief and loss after my brother died. While I am by no means "over it", I have been taking steps to take care of and be gentle with myself through this experience and (today, at least) I am starting to come back to myself. I find myself visualizing, imagining and designing again, not to try to divert negative emotions, but for the joy of it! And that feels really good.

So, after finishing up the powder room makeover, I spent a few weeks staring at this extra room we have off of our primary bathroom. Today, it's basically an overflow room. We keep our extra clothes and shoes in there (since our master bedroom closet is so small), some extra bedding, and a slew of instruments that don't fit in my fiancé's music studio. It's become rather unruly and disorganized, and it's just been begging me for an update. So an update I will give it!

Let's take a look at the current situation and then we'll chat design plans...