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Designing Through Grief | Powder Room Reveal

Well, this may be one of the fastest room makeovers I've ever done! I guess when life feels heavy and unrelenting, it helps to turn my attention to projects. So, today I give you the powder room reveal - a labor of love and grief and trying to create something beautiful out of an otherwise shitty situation (if you don't know what I'm talking about, check out my last post in my Designing Through Grief series).

Honestly, I am pretty dang proud of this transformation. I think it looks beautiful, and I'm proud of the ways I pushed myself to make it happen. I ran into a couple unexpected issues, like figuring out how to cut out the baseboard so the vanity could sit flush with the wall and how to use a jigsaw to cut a notch in the back of the vanity for the plumbing. I plunged in headfirst despite not knowing how to use these tools, and I figured it out. And I reminded myself, once again, that I can do hard things - and not only can I do them, but I am better for doing them!

Unfortunately, I worked a little too fast and too furiously to take any "in progress" pics, so I can't share much about the process of hanging the wallpaper, installing the vanity or the other fixtures. We've got two other bathrooms in this house that need makeovers, so I'll be sure to document those projects more thoroughly in the future. But I know most of you are here for the beautiful after pics, and I definitely have those for ya. So let's get into it.

Presenting...the powder room REVEAL!