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Boho Porch Makeover - Spring 2021 One Room Challenge: Week 1

Hello, and happy spring!! Here in Minnesota, winter has finally retreated and signs of life are popping up all around us. I've been keeping busy tending to seedlings which (fingers crossed!) should go into the ground in about 2 weeks! We've got a lot of plans to level up our gardening game this year, like irrigation, larger arch trellising and trying our luck at growing some melons and other things we've never grown before. While I've been getting super excited about the upcoming gardening season, I've ALSO had my gears turning trying to figure out what the next big house project is going to be.

After finishing my last big project (read about my home office makeover here), home projects have been in a bit of a lull. We've talked about doing some kitchen updates or remodeling our upstairs bathroom, but nothing seemed as timely or fun as giving our front porch a much needed facelift. So I'm super excited that it's time for another One Room Challenge, where I am going to make over our front porch!

A quick primer on the One Room Challenge for those not in the know: the One Room Challenge is a biannual interior design event where designers of all levels dedicate their time and energy to completing a single room over the course of 8 weeks. There are no winners or losers; just a lot of wildly talented people sharing their projects and their passions. Each week, participants link up on the website so we can all catch up and cheer on each other's progress. You can check out all of the participants here.