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Dressing Room Makeover Reveal!

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

Hello friends!

Welcome to another room makeover reveal post!! These posts are always so much fun to write. They're a celebration of creative vision coming to life (the most satisfying thing EVER), a chance to pat myself on the back for a job well done, and a moment to inspire YOU to create more beauty and function in your own home. Because if I can do it, so can you!

(But, of course, there is no shame in asking for help! If you need someone to help bring your design vision to life, or create one for you from scratch, email me! I'd love to work with you.)

Before we get into the after photos and all the juicy details, let's walk it back to approximately 5 weeks ago. Here was the state of things back then:

The Before

In a word: uninspired.

From the onset, I had a few goals for this room. (Check out my plans & mood board post to read more on this.)

  1. Make it prettier (my primary goal for every project, tbh)

  2. Make better use of the wall space

  3. Make it organized

I have to say, I think I nailed it on all three counts!! Let me show you... :)

The Reveal!!

Color Scheme

To give this room a bigger personality, I chose a dusty red/Bordeaux paint color (Glidden Barn Door) with teal and gray accent colors. I'm really loving the combo. And that rug! It really does tie the room together. (If you haven't heard of Justina Blakeney or her beautiful, eclectic home décor brand Jungalow, you must go check it out!!)

If you're wondering why that djembe is taking center stage in this photo, let me remind you that this room serves two masters: my growing wardrobe and my fiancé's growing collection of instruments. So far they've been residing together harmoniously, but time will tell how long that will last. ;)

I kept the gray cabinet unit in here because it provides easy access to extra bathroom towels and other storage, and it goes with the color scheme.

Closet System

On the left, the true star of the room: a built in closet system! I wrote all about the install process in another post, so check that out and read about how I drilled a 2 inch hole into our stud (fun times).

Gone are those too-small, cluttered wardrobes; here to stay is a super functional two-tier closet system with room enough for ALL the clothes that don't fit in our tiny master closet. Hooray!

And of course, organized storage bins! (Yes, I have enough wigs to dedicate a bin for them.)

Purses & Sunglasses Display

On the other side of the room, I dedicated this corner to purses and sunglasses and hung up some fun photographs I already owned to go with them.

I love how the acrylic shelves blend in with the wall and let my sunglasses collection stand out.

Hanging Hats as Décor

I also thought it would be fun to decorate the main wall with some of our hats. Not only do they look great, but it's super easy to grab 'em and go. Win-win.

More Storage & Organization

On to the other side of the room. This corner may look simple, but it packs a lot of punch when it comes to organization. The small dresser is an IKEA Rast unit, and I filled it up with swimsuits and other summer clothes that used to live in a bin beneath my bed. On the wall, I hung a wall-mounted jewelry armoire. Now all my jewelry has a place - no more sifting through a pile of necklaces to find the one I want! And it added a full-length mirror to the room, a critical element to any proper dressing room (if you ask me). I also upgraded our flimsy shoe storage cubbies with this beautiful bamboo shoe rack.

Cheers to another room makeover completed!!

So there you have it, the dressing room reveal. While there were a couple bumps along the way, this was a really fun project to bring to life. It challenged me in new ways, taught me important lessons (like how to know where studs are), and gave me a creative outlet to process and release stress and other negative emotions. All good things.

What's Next for Casa Del Sol Designs

Normally, wrapping up one project gets my gears turning towards the next one. I definitely have a bunch of ideas for other rooms to work on and projects to do now that the dressing room is done, but there is something even more exciting on the horizon... I'm getting married!!!

Future husband and I agreed this would be the last project we'd take on in our home until after the wedding in June. So, my personal home projects will be on a hiatus until then. HOWEVER, I have recently been asked to design a nursery for our friends' new baby (yay!!), and I will be filling you guys in on all the details for that project in the coming months.

Thank you so much for checking out my dressing room reveal. Let me know what you think in the comments below!




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Paint Color: Glidden Barn Door


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