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Turning a Blank Wall into a Closet - Dressing Room Progress

Today I've got some big updates to share on the dressing room project! As I sit and reflect on the progress so far, I feel so grateful to be able to design and create within my home. Each time I get to work on a room makeover, I get so fired up and motivated - and I know that's because I'm so dang passionate about design! This project is no different - ever since I crystallized my vision of a beautiful, functional and organized dressing room, I've been laser focused on bringing that vision to life. It's amazing what can happen when you're fueled by passion!

Now, there is a flip side to being extremely motivated and focused on a project. There have been moments over the past 2 weeks where I've overworked myself and dedicated too much energy to this room when my energy was needed elsewhere. It's a learning process, and as with all things in life, finding balance is key. Which is exactly why I wanted to take some time today to celebrate and share the progress I've made up to this point. I've gotten REALLY far, but I don't want to rush to the finish line. I want to savor the journey and give myself the space to recognize how much I've accomplished so far. (Not to mention my fiancé and I agreed this is the last home project I'll take on until after the wedding, so savor it I must!)

So, without further ado, let me show you how I turned a blank wall into a bangin' closet.

Step 0 - All About that Base

I almost forgot to include this step because the main focus of this post is the closet system. But! As with all room projects, the first thing I did before anything else was paint the trim and the walls. Paint is the base that makes the whole room design come together! The wall color is Glidden Barn Door, a beautiful dusty red that looks a lot softer in person than in these photos.

Step 1 - Start with a Blank Wall and a Dream

Measure the wall, mark the studs, and start doing some serious research into how to turn this into closet...