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Moroccan-Inspired Basement Reveal

Hello, hello! Here I am, popping back on the blog after what feels like a long hiatus, to share with you another completed project - the basement!

If you missed my initial post with the design board and plans, you can read that here. If you DID read that post and have forgotten all about it because it's been ages since I've posted an update (I promise to share more of the project details in subsequent posts!), let me remind you where we started.

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The Before

The basement was pretty much a blank slate: all white walls, medium-tone floating plank flooring, lots of space. But there was no cohesion to the space, no personality, nothing that made you wanna curl up and stay awhile. My vision was to create a moody, bohemian, loungey space where we can gather with friends, host family, and eventually rent out on Airbnb.