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Fresh Paint Makes for a Clean Slate | Fall 2020 One Room Challenge - Week 3

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Phew, we are on week 3 of the Better Homes and Gardens One Room Challenge! If you're new here, the One Room Challenge is a biannual interior design event where a bunch of fabulous designers (professional and amateur alike!) commit to making over one room in 6 weeks. It is my first time participating in the ORC, and I have been working hard to transform our master bedroom into a cozy boho dream. Kinda crazy to think we are already half way through the challenge! There is still so much to do!

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This week was all about PAINT. Paint is one of my favorite ways to transform a space. It's amazing how a coat of paint can breathe new life into a room and provide a clean slate for a fresh design.

At the start of this challenge, our bedroom had light greenish walls and a deep green accent wall behind our bed.

This week, I painted all of the walls in Sherwin Williams Snowbound, one of my favorite white paint colors. I also painted the accent wall a deep teal (Sherwin Williams Newburg Green), which should play really nicely with the rust and terracotta colors I am going to bring in throughout the room. (Check out the cute new curtain rod, too.)

If you've been following from the beginning, you may remember I planned on stenciling a design onto this teal wall behind our bed. I ordered the Tribal Batik Wall Stencil from Royal Design Studio, which I thought would add to the eclectic vibe I wanted the room to have.

Let's take a look back at my design plan and the rough sketch of this idea that I created in PowerPoint.

After watching a few videos and using supplies I had on hand, I took a stab at stenciling the wall. Well, I only got through stenciling one section because, as it turns out, using a regular nap mini roller leads to a lot of bleed and sloppy lines. I mean, it looks pretty good from far away, but up close? Yeesh...

I do think the entire wall stenciled like that would look really cool! However, the more we look at it, it just seems too busy. We're adding a pretty intricate rattan headboard which will be up against this wall too, and we don't want it to feel too chaotic. Plus, I've been looking at patterned rugs which would add another potentially busy visual element. So at this point, I'm nixing the stenciled wall idea. (But who knows, when the room is more put together I might change my mind.) Sometimes designs change, and that's okay!

In addition to painting this week, I got a lot of things ordered which I'll share more about next week. We're also going to IKEA next week to get new dressers, and I've got some ideas about how to give those a little extra oomph, too. So, we're chugging right along!

Here's the to-do/project list:

* Paint all walls Sherwin Williams Snowbound - DONE

* Paint accent wall behind bed Sherwin Williams Newburg Green - DONE

* Move sconces above bed to center over the nightstands - DONE

* Stencil accent wall behind bed - SHELVED

* Add cane webbing to our nightstands - Just going to update handles instead

* Get new dressers, bedding, headboard, bench

* Replace sconces

* Hang gallery wall

* Style & accessorize

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