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Seeing the Light | Fall 2020 One Room Challenge - Week 2

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Happy Thursday!

It's week 2 of the One Room Challenge, and while I'd love to share ton of updates about this room, we've really only got one big one for this week.

Last week I shared my plans for the master bedroom makeover, which include a beautiful sunflower rattan headboard.

The problem is, the headboard wouldn't actually fit behind our bed because of where the sconces are positioned on the wall. Here's a reminder of what we're working with:

You see how they're too close together to make a headboard work? Yeah, we needed to do something about that. I've actually wanted to move these lights so they're centered over our nightstands before I ever dreamed up this design. To me, their current placement is awkward and makes the space feel smaller.

So, knowing we wanted to move the placement of the sconces, we started to brainstorm how to make this happen. Our home has plaster walls, which can be tricky to work with, and we imagined we'd have to knock out the entire wall to get to the wiring, then rebuild the wall with drywall. YIKES. So then I started to brainstorm the idea of covering the current junction boxes, painting over them and just getting plug in sconces positioned over the nightstands where I want them.

Still not knowing what to do or what kind of professional to ask for help, I took my dilemma to Facebook. I got some interesting suggestions from friends, like taking the sconces off, rewiring them to the new positions, and adding shiplap to conceal the wiring. Ultimately, someone connected me with an electrician friend who was able to come out and do the job the same day!

The sconces are now in their proper positions and I am soo happy! It opens up the wall space a lot more and now my beautiful headboard will fit. All that's left is to finish patching the holes and PAINT!

Next week will be a big painting week, and I'm super excited for that. Paint is so transformative and I know it's going to make the room look and feel so different.

See you next week!

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